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A US-based life sciences and healthcare company selected HCL as a technology partner to provide IT hardware and helpdesk services for conducting successful clinical trials. HCL will leverage its state of the art Intelligent Asset Tracking & Management (IATM) solution from IoT WoRKS™ which will enable effective tracking of hardware assets, leading to optimized inventory levels and reduction in the loss of assets. The visualization dashboard will be a single source of truth for real-time information on the location of hardware assets and thereby enable automated auditing.

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(Services - India)

Infosys acquires Kaleidoscope, a medical device design and engineering firm. Medical device is a growing engineering service segment.

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ITC Infotech

(Services - India)

ITC Infotech is expanding in South Africa.

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(Services - India)

A leading global Tier1 firm partnered with LTTS to build a hybrid unified business engagement that will drive engineering process harmonization across their global locations enabling shorter time to market.

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(Services - India)

Marelli awards multi-year global automotive software engineering contract to Wipro.

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