Name : AFRY
Category : Services
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Engineering Revenue Category : 2.14 Billion $ Year:2021
Total Revenue Category : 2.144 Billion $ Year:2021
Stock Exchange
Nasdaq Stockholm
Buyers (Clients)
Alfa Level : Industrial Equipment , Industry 4.0 3D Printing Robotics(Digital Twin) Ericsson : Telecom(Enterprise 5G) , Network engineering(Network AI) Scania : Automotive Vistin : Medical Devices(Pharma) , Plant engineering(Production Capacity) Volvo Cars : Automotive Waggeryd : Energy Process(Pulp Paper) , MES Stora Enso : Energy Process(Pulp Paper) , Plant engineering Norske : Energy Process(Pulp Paper) , Industry 4.0 3D Printing Robotics(Energy Efficiency) Preem : Energy Process(Refinery) , Plant engineering Tagab : Railway(Railway Operator) Vattenfall : Energy Process(Power Utility) SCA : Energy Process(Pulp Paper) , Plant engineering Volta Greentech : Energy Process , Plant engineering Bane NOR : Railway(Railway Infrastructure) ARAUCO : Energy Process(Pulp Paper) , Plant engineering Avinor : Aerospace(Airport) Metsa Fibre : Energy Process(Pulp Paper) , Plant engineering Cytiva : Medical Devices UPM : Energy Process(Pulp Paper) , Plant engineering
Automotive Construction : GIS CPG Retail : Freight Transport Energy Process : Affordable and Clean Energy Industry4.0 Medical Devices : Biopharma,Biotech Telecom : Telecommunication system
Head Count
Engineering Revenue
Total Revenue
Provider (Partners)
IBM , Industry 4.0 3D Printing Robotics(Asset Management)
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This data is based on secondary research and our estimates. If you find any discrepancy please write to info@eiirtrend.com
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