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    3Pillar Global is acquiring Canada-based software engineering firm, Jonah Group, which brings substantial experience in the financial services industry.

    Q3(Jul-Aug-Sep), 2022

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    3Pillar Global has entered into a definitive agreement to receive a strategic growth investment from an affiliate of H.I.G. Capital.

    Q4(Oct-Nov-Dec), 2021

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    3Pillar Global announced its continued expansion in Europe with the opening of a new development center in the Republic of Moldova.

    Q3(Jul-Aug-Sep), 2021

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    3Pillar Global is expanding its business through the acquisition of North Carolina-based software development firm, Software Development Europe with multiple software development labs in Czech Republic.

    Q2(Apr-May-Jun), 2021

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    3Pillar Global announced its continued expansion in Latin America with the opening of a new development center in Guatemala City, Guatemala.

    Q1(Jan-feb-Mar), 2021

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    3Pillar Global acquires Arizona-based Tiempo Development. With three digital delivery centers across Mexico, the acquisition of Tiempo augments 3Pillar’s global footprint. 3Pillar’s newly expanded global workforce will now exceed 1,600 team members including 400 from Tiempo across 5 countries.

    Q4(Oct-Nov-Dec), 2020

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    3Pillar is helping NS8, one of the country’s fastest growing fraud prevention platforms in cybersecurity and evolution of the platform.


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