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    Descartes Systems has acquired GreenMile, a leading provider of cloud-based mobile route execution solutions for food, beverage, and broader distribution verticals.

    Q3(Jul-Aug-Sep), 2021

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    Descartes Acquires Portrix Logistics Software

    Q2(Apr-May-Jun), 2021

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    Descartes Systems announced that Argosy International, a leading supplier of advanced engineered materials, is using Descartes Visual Compliance to automate denied party screening and export classification as it grows its overseas business. By automatic screening of our trade partner database against denied party lists and determining appropriate export license requirements, Argosy has realized a 75% productivity gain in our compliance practice.

    Q4(Oct-Nov-Dec), 2020

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    Gordon Food Service Improves Distribution Efficiency Across Canada and U.S. with Descartes Mobile Solution.

    Q4(Oct-Nov-Dec), 2020

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    Descartes Systems Group announced that Germany’s SNOCKS, a lifestyle brand offering premium sneaker socks, clothes and accessories, has doubled its ecommerce fulfillment productivity and scaled for peak promotions using the Descartes Ecommerce Warehouse Management Solution (WMS).


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