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EIIR Publication
7th Mar 23: Enterprise Buyers Guide 2022 Engineering Cloud Service Provider
21st Sep 22: ITC Infotech: SPDM Profile
30th Jun 22: Reducing Complexity and Minimizing Development Costs using Windchill PLM
8th Jun 22: Pipeline Integrity Solution Using Computer Vision @Edge
2nd Jun 22: Industry 4.0 based Fleet Tracking and Monitoring Solution Enabling Proactive Maintenance and Optimized Operational Costs
25th May 22: Enabling Industry 4.0 based Remote Monitoring of Lab Assets
18th May 22: Design and Development of Industry 4.0 based Predictive Well Integrity Platform
10th May 22: Cloud based Smart Manufacturing Solution Architecture and Global Deployment Definition
30th Apr 22: Digital Transformation in Automobile Manufacturing Leveraging MES
12th Apr 22: ITC Infotech: Digital Manufacturing Profile
10th Jan 22: Manufacturing Execution System (MES) on Cloud
9th Mar 21: Creating A Sustainable Future Leveraging Digital Farming Platorms
3rd Feb 21: How to Identify an Expert PLM Service Provider? Look for The Depth and The Breadth of PLM Solutions
28th Jan 21: Simulation Process & Data Management Will Drive Virtualization Of Engineering Industry
23rd Dec 20: Consumers Are Embracing Digital; It?s Time For CPG Factories To Embrace Digital As Well
15th Oct 20: This PoV discusses a new trend where enterprises can implement MES in quick, cost-effective, and incremental steps.
8th Mar 20: The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of its Parts in Automotive Subsystem Design by Engineering Service Providers
3rd Mar 20: How AI-Based Simulation Can Help Enterprises Navigate SCM Uncertainties
EIIR Blogs
7th Apr 21: Why is ITC Infotech a best-kept secret among IT service providers?

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