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    Prevas grows and welcomes factor10

    Q2(Apr-May-Jun), 2022

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    Prevas acquiring BitSim NOW AB, a consulting firm in Stockholm that focuses on embedded systems projects and complex product development. Examples of areas of strength are digital cameras, image processing and vision technology as well as FPGA circuit development.

    Q2(Apr-May-Jun), 2022

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    Danish company Sentispec has jointly developed the world’s first fully automatic fever screener with Prevas, called the ViraHawk. It can measure the temperature of passers-by and identify potential infection spreaders.

    Q4(Oct-Nov-Dec), 2020

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    Prevas enters into agreement to acquire Evotech. Consolidation in Scandinavian software product engineering space.

    Q4(Oct-Nov-Dec), 2020

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    As the first in Denmark, the three Nordic engineering service providers Prevas, TPU and Dawn Health are collaborating to offer combined solution from 1500 professionals to Danish medical device industry. They are experts in their respective fields in medical devices product development, TPU – electromechanical, Prevas – embedded, and Dawn Health – software and can offer one stop solution from start to finish.


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